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About COI Library

Welcome to the Library of the Country of Origin Information Unit

First of all, it was created to satisfy the needs of employees at the Department for Refugee Procedures but other persons may use its resources as well. Persons interested in access to books found in the collections of COI Unit may use them on the basis of a reading room after a prior telephone or e-mail arrangement.
 The library currently includes nearly 10,000 books and multimedia items from such domains as: geography, history, international relations, wars and conflicts, migrations and refugees, human rights, discrimination, racism, national and ethnic minorities, languages, culture, traditions, customs, religions, beliefs, rituals, multiculturalism, interculturalism, integration as well as maps and atlases.  We collect professional and academic books, but also accounts from trips, reportages and novels by writers and poets coming from countries being in the interest of COI Unit. We also have rich collections of maps and guides.
The Library's collections are supplemented and updated each year with several hundred new items, both in terms of Polish and foreign publications. As a result, the collections at COI Unit are the best and the most recent ones in Poland when it comes to books on the current situation in the world, especially in African and Asian countries.