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FFM Reports

These reports were written after fact-finding missions to countries from where an increased inflow of persons applying for international protection is being observed or in which the situation is exceptionally hard to assess on the basis of commonly available sources. These reports are based on information collected during visits to those countries: during meetings with representatives of state institutions, various types of social organizations and experts as well as partially on information from commonly available sources, such as reports, surveys and press articles. All information contained in the reports was collected and prepared with the greatest diligence. However, it is possible that particular pieces of information or the general image of the situation may be outdated, incomplete or inaccurate.  Reports do not provide the full picture of situation in the described countries. Thus, they cannot be treated as the only and unquestionable point of reference on the basis of which decisions are made whether to grant or refuse to grant a refugee status or other forms of international protection for foreigners.


2015 IRAN   PL
2014  RUSSIA    
2013 KAZAKHSTAN Report of FFM to Kazakhstan; 10-23 September 2013 PL, ENG
2012 KYRGYSTAN Report of FFM to Kyrgiz Republic; 27 May-13 June 2012 PL, ENG
2011 ARMENIA Report of FFM to Armenia, 4-20 May 2011 PL, ENG
  NIGERIA Report of FFM to Nigeria, 20-30 May 2011 PL, ENG
2010 BELARUS Belarus. Migration and Refugee Status, 9-18 April 2010 (with English Summary) PL
2009 GEORGIA Georgia. General Situation and Situation in the Regions; 1-17 November 2009 PL, ENG