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Experts Reports

Thematic reports were prepared by external experts, top class specialists in the described field or region of the world. These are persons who work in Polish scientific institutions and research teams dealing with the described region, or spent many years in the described countries and have good knowledge about the problems of these countries from experience. These studies are a deepened analysis of selected issues, emerging in refugee and asylum procedures. The topics were selected in such a manner so that the thematic reports do not become outdated too quickly. The information to be found in  the reports referred to above come mostly from publicly available sources, such as studies by international organizations, government and non-governmental organizations, press articles and materials on the Internet. Sometimes they are also based on own observations, experience and field studies by their authors.
All information contained in these reports was collected and prepared with the greatest diligence. However, it is possible that some data and even the general image of the presented situation is incomplete or inaccurate. These studies cannot be treated as the only and unquestionable point of view on the basis of which decisions are made whether to grant or refuse to grant a refugee status or other forms of international protection.
These reports are not and should not be treated as any political declaration by their authors or the Polish authorities. The views and opinions contained in them are not the official position of the Office for Foreigners.

2015 Jadwiga ROGOŻA Media in the Russian Federation  PL, ENG
  Maciej FALKOWSKI, Józef LANG The Caucasus Emirate PL, ENG
2014 Janusz DANECKI Katarzyna GÓRAK SOSNOWSKA Religious Groups of Syria
2012 Rafał OŻAROWSKI Ethnic Conflicts in Iraq PL
  Maciej FAGASIŃSKI Sexual Minorities in Africa (South of the Sahara) PL
  Marta WYTRYKOWSKA Civil population on the area controlled by Talibans PL;
  Sylwia GIL Internal Situation in Pakistan 2012 PL; ENG
2011 Krzysztof STRACHOTA Central Asia. Stability and Migration in the Region PL;
  Radosław BANIA, Marta WOŹNIAK, Krzysztof ZDULSKI Revolutions in the Arab World. Political, Social and Humanitarian Aspects PL, ENG
2010 Iwona KALISZEWSKA Daily Life in the North Caucasus PL; ENG
  Sylwia GIL Religions in South Asia PL;
  Mirosława CZERNY Wars and conflicts in the Contemporary Africa